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20 listopada 2019
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P.H.U. "POLPIAST on the market continuously exists since 1992. We are focused on the distribution of all kinds of world's leading manufacturers of batteries such as Duracell, Philips, Panasonic, GP, Sanyo, Maxell and many others. We also distribute the sources of light such as light bulbs, energy-saving bulbs, linear lighting brands: Philips Lighting and Emos. In addition, we offer flashlights, photographic films, video cassettes and a large variety of additional devices (such as chargers, power supplies, batteries and small electronics).

As a representative and distributor of companies listed above, we are pleased to present our offer of products:

* Batteries: Duracell, Philips, Panasonic, GP
* Audio and Video Cassettes: Panasonic, Sony, TDK, Emtec
* CD and DVD: Philips, Panasonic, Sony
* Light bulbs: Pila, Emos, Philips
* Extension cords and strips
* Lighters and accessories: Ronson, Unilite Flame Club
* Condoms: Durex
 * Adhesives: Kropelka, Cyjanopan, Poxilina, Poxipol

Many years practice has allow us to develop high-quality service for a wide range of customers from all Poland.  We serve both retailers, wholesalers and B2B customers.

Also we provide: a wide choice of assortment, delivery on time and the ability to use our conveyance. As well as we assure you reasonable prices (and the possibility of negotiating, non-cash settlement in convenient terms. We guarantee you to provide the goods of the highest quality. We encourage you to cooperate - we hope that our cooperation will prove advantageous for both sides.

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